Telosys objects

Objects by categories

Telosys provides a set of predefined objects usable in the templates :

  • Objects representing the model elements :

    • $model (current model)

      • $entity (entity defined in the model) [0:N entities in each model]

        • $attribute (attribute defined in an entity) [1:N attributes in each entity]

          • $fkPart (part of foreign key, if attribute is involved in one or more FK)

        • $link (link defined in an entity) [0:N links in each entity]

        • $fk (foreign key defined in an entity) [0:N FK in each entity]

        • $reference (reference to other entity) [0:N references in each entity]

  • Current environment and project :

  • Generation in progress :

  • Utility functions and tools :

    • $fn (set of utility functions)

    • $const (set of constants)

    • $factory (a factory to create objects)

    • $file (to use files located on the file system)

    • $loader (to load your own utility classes)

    • $now (current date and time)

    • $values (literal values generator for attributes)

    • $h2 (utility functions for H2 database)

  • Objects dedicated to code generation of certain target languages :

  • Deprecated objects (do not use, just for backward compatibility) :

    • $jdbcFactory (use $factory instead)

    • $today (use $now instead)

Objects reference documentation

The documentation reference for each object is available here :

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