How to contribute

You can contribute to the project in different ways...

Create and publish new templates

If you have created templates that can be used by other developers, please post them on GitHub and let us know. They could possibly be added to the Telosys example templates.

Submit new ideas

If you have ideas for improving Telosys, please let us know. You may have use cases that we haven't thought of, particular target languages, etc. The best ideas are those that come from different projects.

Write articles or tutorials

You can also share your experience by writing articles or tutorials on your own blog or on sites like LinkedIN (, DEV (, HackerNoon (, Medium (, etc

Create new extensions for some IDE or editors

You can create an extension for your favorite IDE or editor in order to get syntax highlighting for Telosys models or templates.


Whatever your creation around Telosys let us know. Send a mail at :

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