Eclipse plugin installation

Telosys plugin can be installed as any other Eclipse plugin by using Eclipse Marketplace wizard.

1 - Open Eclipse Marketplace wizard

In the Eclipse main menu, select "Help" and "Eclipse Marketplace..."

Note : if Eclipse cannot connect the Eclipse Market Place web site check the proxy configuration ( in "Window - Preferences", then "General - Network Connections" )

2 - Search Telosys plugin in Eclipse Marketplace

In the "Find" field enter "Telosys" and press Return or click "Go"

When the Telosys plugin is found, click on "Install"

3 - Install Telosys plugin

To install an Eclipse plugin you must accept the terms of its license

Select "I accept the terms of the license agreement " and press "Finish".

A security warning message is displayed due to the absence of certificate in the plugin.

Ignore the security warning and press "Install anyway".

After installation Eclipse needs to restart

Just restart Eclipse and check the installation.

4 - Check the installation

In the menu select "Help" - "About Eclipse"

You can see the Telosys logo among those of the installed software.

Click on "Installation Details"

"Telosys Code Generator" must be present in the list of installed software. You can also check its version.

There you go, you can now start using Telosys.

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