Installation on Linux


Java 8 (or +) must be installed, that's all.

You can check it with the command java -version


1) Download

With your browser go to page Telosys-CLI

Click on the button " Download Telosys-CLI " and choose the "Latest version"

A ZIP file "" will be downloaded.

Or if you prefer to use the command line :       wget

2) Unzip the file

Copy the “zip file” in the directory where you want to install Telosys.

Unzip the downloaded file :       unzip

Make the shell script "tt" executable       chmod 777 tt

3) Update 'PATH' environment variable

To be able to launch Telosys from any location, just add its directory to the "PATH".       export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/telosys

4) Run Telosys

Now if the PATH variable is set correctly you can launch Telosys from any directory.

Move to the directory where you want to use Telosys     cd myproject

Launch Telosys-CLI with the tt command ( that is tt shell script ) tt

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