CLI commands

Telosys-CLI uses a set of short commands (based on 2 or 3 characters) to identify the action to be launched.
Most commands start with a letter which designates the action :
  • "e" for "edit"
  • "l" for "list"
  • "d" for "delete"
  • "n" for "new" ( "creation" )
  • "c" for "check"
  • "i" for "install"
and the second letter is used to specify on what the action is applied
  • "m" for "model"
  • "e" for "entity"
  • "b" for "bundle of templates"
  • "t" for "template" etc
Examples :
  • "nm" for "new model"
  • "dm" for "delete model"
  • "ib" for "install bundle"
  • "le" for "list entities"
  • "eb" for "edit bundle"
Just press "?" to see all the available commands
Example of commands available in Telosys 4.0 :
telosys#> ?
General commands :
. ? Help : Print help (list of all available commands)
. cd Change Directory : Change the current directory
. ls List : List the content of a directory
. mkdir Make Directory : Create a new directory in the current location
. pwd Print Working Directory : Print the current working directory
. e Edit : Open an external editor
. err Error : Print details about the last error
. env Environment : Environment state
. ver Versions : Versions information
. q Quit : Quit Telosys command line interface
Project commands :
. h Home : Print or set the 'HOME' directory
. init Initialization : Init the Telosys directory with all required files
. cfg Configuration : Print project configuration (folders, variables, etc.)
. ecfg Edit Configuration : Open an editor to edit 'telosys-tools.cfg'
Database commands :
. ldb List Databases : List the databases
. edb Edit Databases : Open an editor to edit 'databases.yaml' file
. cdb Check Database : Check the current/given database
Model commands :
. m Model : Set/print the current model
. nm New Model : Create a new Telosys model (optionally from a database)
. lm List Models : List the models
. em Edit Model : Edit the current/given model
. cm Check Model : Check the current/given model
. dm Delete Model : Delete the current/given model
Entity commands :
. ne New Entity : Create a new entity in the current model
. le List Entities : List the entities defined in the current model
. ee Edit Entity : Edit an entity file
. de Delete Entity : Delete the given entity in the current model
GitHub commands :
. gh GitHub : Print/Set/Reset the GitHub store name
. ghu GitHub user : Print/Set/Clear the current GitHub user
. lgh List GitHub : List the content of the GitHub store
. cgh Check GitHub : Check GitHub accessibility and get API rate limit
Bundle commands :
. ib Install Bundle : Install templates bundles from GitHub
. b Bundle : Print or set the current bundle
. lb List Bundles : List the installed bundles
. eb Edit Bundle : Edit the 'templates.cfg' file of the given bundle
. db Delete Bundle : Delete the current/given bundle
Template commands :
. lt List Templates : List the templates for the current bundle
. et Edit Template : Edit a template (.vm) file
Generation commands :
. gen Generate : Generate the given targets for the given entities
For more information about a specific command, just press "? command-name"
For example "? nm"
telosys#>? nm
nm : New Model
Description :
Create a new Telosys model (optionally from a database)
Usage :
nm model-name [database-id]