Model (DSL model)
A "Telosys model" is a model based on a set of text files written with the Telosys "Domain Specific Language". The Telosys DSL uses a very simple grammar to define entities with their attributes and relationships.

Model structure since version 4.0

Since version 4.0 each model is a directory located in "TelosysTools/models".
Directory name is model name.
A model directory contains
  • a file "model.yaml"
  • n files ".entity" (1 for each entity)
Example : model "employees"
employees (folder)
employees/model.yaml (model file)
employees/Employee.entity (entity file)
employees/Company.entity (entity file)
employees/Project.entity (entity file)

Model structure before version 4.0 (deprecated)

A model is composed of a ".model" file and a folder that contains all the entities (e.g. for a model named "foo" : "foo.model" file and "foo_model" folder).
Each entity is defined in a text file having the ".entity" extension (e.g. "Car" is defined in "Car.entity").
Example : model "employees"
employees.model (file)
employees_model (folder)
employees_model / Employee.entity (file)
employees_model / Company.entity (file)
employees_model / Project.entity (file)

Model elements

Below the main elements of a DSL model: